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Get Advice from Your Team Members

If you are struggling with staff retention and other human resources issues, maybe it is time to be more proactive and listen to your own people. Many successful and progressive CPA firm have established a Staff Advisory Board or a Team Advisory Council.

The advisory board is formed to assist the CEO or Managing Partner in leading the firm to future success. It can be defined as a group of employees who meet on a consistent basis to provide support and constructive feedback to firm leadership.

A common structure is to have team members serve for a specified term. In some firms, they are elected by the entire staff and in other firms they are appointed because of their mature perspective and past performance. The members should represent all levels within the firm and the size of the group should be kept relatively small.

In some firms, it has become a very sought-after and prestigious role. The advantage for the members is that they have the opportunity to work directly with the firm CEO on important topics for the firm. They get to know the leader on a more personal basis and have the opportunity to better understand firm operations.

A staff advisory board, comprised of engaged and knowledgeable members can be a real asset when deciding upon HR issues or possible changes to employee benefits.

It is important for the managing partner to meet with the group on a regular basis. Once a month is a common practice but it should not be any less than quarterly. Most importantly, the managing partner and other firm leaders must be willing to listen to the feedback and take action based upon some of the feedback that is received.

Some larger firms even have sub-committees under the advisory board banner. One to focus on salary/benefits, one for morale and maybe one for performance feedback.

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