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The Competitive World of College Recruiting

Your winter interns will be arriving soon. I hope that you have attracted some bright, eager beginners. Many of the most successful firms now hire from their pool of interns. Monitor their progress and be sure to make offers to the best ones immediately after the internship ends.

In the accounting profession, CPA firms have been trying to implement unique and creative ways to attract talent for many years. The game is becoming more and more competitive.

Many unique tactics are being used as companies, big and small, try to differentiate themselves in the eyes of talented business students.

CPA firms need to keep pace and develop ways to up their game. Here are some examples via Fortune – The crazy things companies are doing to recruit business school students.

–At recruiting events, General Mills offers students goggles to see a virtual reality tour of the company’s Minnesota campus. The recruits can see everything from the company gym to the executive offices.

–Goldman Sachs is using Snapchat to recruit college students.

–PwC is offering to pay back student loans for its junior employees. (Your firm could do this. The amount would be up to you.)

–General Motors recently parked cars on the campus of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and invited students to take a test drive. Of course, they brought Camaros and Corvettes.

–On Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business campus PwC furnished an ice cream truck. On the University of Michigan campus, they provided a coffee truck (free coffee anytime for all students).

–Land O’ Lakes brought their CEO to campus. It helps students see that they have access to leaders. (Take your partners to campus, not just younger alumni.)

Advice from career services directors:

This generation of students is seeking more connection with their potential employers and the missions of those companies. Today’s students want to be connected with the company’s mission and vision. Have you clearly defined the vision of your accounting firm? I find many firms have not. The partners are not united on where they are going.

The days of attracting top students by passing out cheap stuff – like post-it notes, water bottles, pens, backpacks, lip balm, etc. are over.


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