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Accepting Delegation

In the CPA profession, we talk a lot about delegation. Usually, my conversation with partners is about how to get better at delegating. So many CPAs are very poor delegators.

Today, I want to address the multitudes of you (staff, managers, admin) who are receiving delegation. I recently read a very helpful article provided by MindTools. One of The Five Ways to Deal With Delegation is No. 2 – Check The Facts.

Check The Facts:

Give yourself the best chance of success by gathering from your manager as much information about the task as you can. He may lead the delegation process, but you’ll be able to balance your and your boss’s needs by asking him questions such as:

  • What exactly is the task? What’s its purpose and value?
  • Why are you asking me and not another colleague? Do I have the most relevant skills, or the most time available? Do I need training or resources?
  • When does it need to be done by? Is the deadline realistic or flexible?
  • Who else has an interest in, or influence over, the task? Who do I need to involve or inform? (Influence maps and stakeholder analysis can be useful tools here.)
  • How would you like to manage and monitor this task? How often, or at what stages, and in what format, would you like me to update you about my progress? Also, how much freedom to make decisions do I have?
  • Which of my existing work should I “park” to free up the time and resources that I need to complete this new task?

The answers will give both you and your manager a clearer understanding of what’s expected. And you’ll know whether you can accept the request outright or if you need to agree a compromise.

Those of you delegating, be sure you can supply the answers to all of these questions. Read the entire article to learn about No. 1, 3, 4 and 5.

The informative article also gives you tips on how to say “No” when necessary.

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