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Sole Proprietors and Retreats

You are a sole-proprietor with a successful accounting practice. Should you have a planning retreat? Absolutely!

Just because you don’t have a multi-partner firm doesn’t mean you should not devote a special time and place for strategic planning. I encourage sole-proprietors to include their entire team in the planning session. When I have facilitated these types of planning sessions, the employees contribute an amazing amount of relevant ideas and suggestions. When the team has buy-in, they will be a huge asset in implementing needed initiatives. Sole practitioners who include their entire team in sculpting the firm’s future are making a positive difference for their firms.

There are also other resources out there for sole-proprietors. The AICPA PCPS has small firm networking groups that provide an opportunity for sole-proprietors to discuss issues and ideas. You can get more information here under the tab Networking Groups.

The Business Learning Institute also has retreat program for sole proprietors.

Need to just talk to someone about strategic planning for a small firm? Contact me here.


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