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Successful Partners Do These Things

You are finally a partner. You have worked for the firm for several years and have proven your worth as a Senior Manager.

All of a sudden things are different. You are no longer focused on pleasing the partners. You are a partner and now you have to focus on a much bigger picture. You now have to focus on helping the firm thrive in the future. You now have a stronger focus on coaching and mentoring others.

It might feel somewhat strange and uncomfortable being a more visible leader. Are you a role model? Are you someone people trust? Are you someone people admire?

Here are some things you can do to enhance your leadership skills.

  • Become known for how readily you provide feedback to your subordinates. Never procrastinate when it comes to giving critical feedback. People want to know, almost daily, how they are doing.
  • Prove your worth during partner meetings. Always speak up during critical discussions. Share your ideas with your partners. Be an active participant in achieving the firm’s strategic plan.
  • Every day, recognize and thank the people you work with.
  • Delegate tasks to others. People love being challenged and getting new responsibilities.
  • Don’t just say you have an open-door policy, demonstrate that you really do want to hear what people have to say.
  • Staff members have questions and want answers from you. Don’t make them wait too long.

The last item, above, is one I hear about the most when I have interactions with the firm’s team members. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks to get an answer back from a partner. Don’t be that partner.



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