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Secrets To Success

I hope you know about John Wooden. If you don’t – John Wooden (1910-2010), the legendary coach of the UCLA Bruins, is considered by some to be the greatest coach of all time. Nicknamed the Wizard of Westwood, Wooden won 10 national championships (seven in a row) over 12 years.

A secret to his success, something that you might not be aware of, is one thing: old-fashioned practice, efficiently run, well-planned, and intentionally executed. Doesn’t that sound like how an audit/review should be done?

Things Wooden did:

  • Noted where racks should be placed, so no time was wasted looking for a ball
  • Had players practice shooting without a ball
  • How to put on socks
  • Timed his practices to the minute, so time was precisely allocated
  • Kept a record of every practice on notecards – so he could determine what worked and what didn’t
  • Had his players repeat drills until they achieved mastery and then automaticity

What things are you doing to guarantee your firm’s success? Think about it and make your own Secrets To Success list.

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