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Clients Are Golden

In these times of focusing intently on the people we employ, never forget that you wouldn’t need your staff members if you didn’t have clients.

I believe that many clients are at risk right now at the majority of CPA firms across the nation. Why? It is very simple, because so many partners are beginning to retire and these more senior partners have not wholeheartedly bought-in to a formalized client transition process.

The concept of finding and retaining applies to both employees and clients. You must find, hire and retain top talent.  You must find, obtain and keep great clients.

Some of the same activities to accomplish these “musts” apply to both.

Team Members:

Recruiting and retaining, or as Tom Hood puts it, attracting and developing, the most talented young professionals begins by being visible to them.  Consider how visible the large national firms are on college campuses.  You can’t be that visible on as many campuses but you can certainly establish relationships with professors and participate in activities in the business school of the universities in your market.

You must have established a great culture that helps you build your brand. If you truly are a great place to work, that reputation will spread.


Attracting the best clients begins by being visible to them.  Being visible in your business community and being active in charitable and civic organizations is still a major factor in attracting great clients.  You build the relationship first, then you pursue the business. You and your firm must also be active and visible in social media.  Your website is key.  A prospective client will look at your website and assess your credibility before they ever have a serious talk with you about their business.

You must have established a great culture that attracts highly technical CPAs that can serve the needs of sophisticated business owners.  You must build a brand that convinces clients and prospective clients that…. “we pay them a lot but they are definitely worth it.”

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