Adamson Advisory

The new economy and the profession’s looming succession issues have created new “opportunities” and challenges in our firms. Successfully tackling some of the tougher, more fundamental issues will both protect our firms and prepare us for the future. Many of our firms are faced with some or all of the following:

  • Finding partner unity and commitment to growth
  • Defining and managing succession challenges as your partner group ages
  • Reviewing outdated partner compensation systems and paying for performance
  • Creating a partner mentoring and coaching process to increase firm performance
  • Evaluating and closing your M&A opportunities
  • Updating outdated partner agreements and retirement provisions

Dealing with these important issues and others unique to your firm is not easy. However, by working through them you will create real opportunities inside your organization. We help by providing practical, proven ideas and solutions as well as the tools necessary to get the job done. We’ll also help you break it down into bite-sized steps to assure your success.

Gary Adamson