Adamson Advisory

Succession Planning The big question of succession exists in every firm and it is not just in the partner ranks. It is the number one obstacle facing many CPA firms. Time is not our friend. Taking action now to make sure the firm can survive the looming retirements is critical. We can help you:

  • Look at key positions and develop your plan, now.
  • Assess your governance structure and determine the changes needed to survive the retirements.
  • Create the plan for your most critical transition, your Managing Partner.
  • Review the plan for your key practice partners – do your retirement agreements have incentives for client transition, is there a mandatory retirement age, are the agreements up-to-date, etc.?
  • Develop the people plan to create the next generation in your firm including:
    • Hiring processes to keep the pipeline full.
    • Career ladders that encourage growth of your all-stars, and room for them.
    • Limitíng the number of people who will never be your partner.
    • Training and mentoring to develop the next generation of leaders.
    • A communication and inclusion plan.