Adamson Advisory

How do you get more out of your annual planning retreat?

Looking for someone different?

As an experienced retreat and strategic planning facilitator, Gary Adamson brings over 25 years of experience as managing partner of a top 200 accounting firm and consultant to CPA firms.

The Adamson Advisory Retreat Approach:

  1. Our process includes a partner survey before the retreat and partner interviews.
  2. We make sure the key issues are on the agenda.
  3. We create the atmosphere and level playing field to encourage the unsaid to be said.
  4. We help you navigate through the tough issues and conversations.
  5. We help you find consensus but not for a watered-down result.
  6. We end with a prioritized action plan with assignments and due dates. We will encourage you not to over-commit.
  7. We will follow up with you at the one month and three month marks after the retreat to see how you’re doing and help your implementation.


You receive:

  1. A  facilitator with Managing Partner experience.
  2. Extensive pre-retreat preparation and a manageable post-retreat action plan.
  3. Two follow up telephone conferences to help you implement after the retreat.
  4. A money back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied there is no fee.


Gary facilitated our owner retreats helping us address difficult matters in a constructive, open and positive manner. He helped us define our goals. He has a wealth of information and experience from his many years of leading a growing regional firm. — Carl McGookey, Managing Partner, Payne, Nickles & Co.