Adamson Advisory

The number one issue on the minds of partners is succession. It takes many forms and will have a major impact on your firm. In our presentations, we help you peel back the onion and get to the specific issues.

  • How does it impact your firm?
  • What is your succession action plan?
  • Is your firm really structured to survive succession?

Our other topics include an examination of the managing partner’s job description; how to establish an effective partner goal setting process in your firm and merger tips to help you seal the right deal whether you are the buyer or the seller.

The Partner Advisor Speaker Series

Succession and Partner Retirement

This presentation explores the ticking time bomb that most firms are facing – partner succession. We look at best practices and the latest information from the PCPS 2016 Succession Planning Survey. What are the latest trends in the profession surrounding partner retirements? What are firms paying to their retiring partners and how do they structure it? We will address goodwill, how it is allocated among partners, payout terms, client transition expectations, the concept of mandatory retirement, post retirement employment and the latest trends in partner agreements. You will learn how your firm compares and what adjustments you may want to implement.

Managing Partner Succession – a Critical Transition

The aging CPA firm demographics mean that managing partners will be replaced in record numbers in the next five to ten years. For most firms it is THE critical leadership position and the most difficult to transition. What is your process for guiding the firm through this key succession challenge? How will you identify, groom and mentor your next Managing Partner? Will the role and your governance structure be the same or will it change? This session explores this major succession issue and will give you specific ideas and a process to get started.

Mergers and Acquisitions – an Update

There will be more CPA firm mergers in the next five years than in our entire history as a profession. We will discuss the “Perfect Storm” that is driving the activity and we will cover the mega – mergers of top 100 firms down to the sole practitioners that many firms are buying. What are the current trends and terms and what do you need to know as a potential buyer or seller?

Partner Compensation – Best Practices and Choosing the Right System for Your Firm

The topic of partner compensation never goes away within CPA firms. This presentation will help you determine what is right for your firm and give you some tips on setting up a performance based system. We’ll cover the seven most common compensation systems used today and which one is the right fit for you. What are the best practices and current trends? How do you deal with both objective and subjective criteria? When is it time for a committee approach? You will lean how to update your compensation plan to keep pace with the growth of your firm.