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Announcing the formation of SurveyCPA

As we work to move our firms forward and to improve them, feedback from our two most important contingencies, clients and employees, has never been more critical. Knowing how we are doing and where we need to focus to improve is especially important in this slow recovering economy. We just have less of a margin for error to work with as top line growth has slowed or disappeared and we have tightened our belts.

My clients are hungry for data and are turning more and more to surveys to gather it. When I was in the managing partner role with my prior firm, I wanted to know how we were doing and even more important, how do we compare relative to our peers. That data was not available.

The independence of the collection process combined with peer benchmarking (how do we compare?) elevate the value of the information and the ability of the firm to make good decisions based on the data.

Unfortunately there has not been a consistent, reliable source of data for the profession, beyond financial surveys, that firms can depend upon. Recognizing that void, a new company has been formed. It is and it is dedicated to building national benchmarking data and helping firms with the following surveys:

• Upward evaluations of partners and managers

• Employee engagement and satisfaction

• Client satisfaction

The surveys provided by SurveyCPA have been developed specifically for cpa firms and the questions reflect the uniqueness of our profession. The benchmarking data will be on a national scale with the plan to stratify that data both on geographic regions and also size of firm.

SurveyCPA is a joint venture between Rita Keller, a national consultant consistently named to the top 100 most influential people in the profession, and Gary Adamson, CPA, author of this article.


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