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Partner Retreat Facilitation Process

Hopefully, you have your partner retreat date and place already reserved. I also hope that you have secured your experienced retreat facilitator.

When I was managing a growing firm, I always strongly recommended to my partners that we invest in a professional facilitator with experience in the CPA profession. It allowed me to be a true participant in the retreat and not be distracted with keeping the discussions on topic.

During my years as an active managing partner, I also facilitated retreats for several other firms. Now, retreats are a major focus of my consulting practice and something I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Here is the Adamson Advisory Retreat Approach:

  1. Our process includes a partner survey before the retreat and partner interviews.
  2. We make sure the key issues are on the agenda.
  3. We create the atmosphere and level playing field to encourage the unsaid to be said.
  4. We help you navigate through the tough issues and conversations.
  5. We help you find consensus but not for a watered-down result.
  6. We end with a prioritized action plan with assignments and due dates. We will encourage you not to over-commit.
  7. We will follow up with you at the one month and three month marks after the retreat to see how you’re doing and help your implementation.

If you haven’t booked your 2016 facilitator, contact me to talk about your situation and my process.

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