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You continue to be very busy. Firms are telling me they have more new business than they can handle. Progressive firms are also keenly aware that taking on more clients would probably result in punishing their staff. That is something you cannot afford to do. Be very selective when accepting new clients.

Since gaining new clients isn’t a huge issue right now, it doesn’t mean you can relax with your marketing and brand building. You want the right kind of clients seeking you out. What are you famous for? How strong are you in your niche? Be sure that those are the clients seeking your services.

Gaining new business should not be a shotgun approach. You want to be selective. I recently read a quote from Alan Weiss that I think applies to CPAs. Here is Alan’s quote:

When is the last time you purchased something of consequence from a “cold” call or email from a stranger? Why would people do it with you? Build your brand, seek referrals, publish, speak. It’s not rocket science, but there are no shortcuts. – Alan Weiss

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