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What Happens When Things Go Well?

Something at the firm is not going very well.

It could be one or more of numerous processes you follow. It could be non-stellar results in hiring the best students. It could be a significant increase in turnover. It could be a lack of timely financial information flowing to the partner group. It could be poor realization or poor utilization. It could be poor performance in attracting clients to one of your niches.

When something is not going well, the leadership group unites and begins asking probing questions of the managing partner, the COO, the director of audit, the director of tax or that high-profile niche leader. Often it turns into a finger-pointing, blame game frenzy with several people attempting to dodge the bullet and deflect the blame on others. The managing partner is overwhelmed with questions and maybe even accusations of poor leadership. It seems many people enjoy jumping on the bandwagon of doubt and uneasiness.

How much feedback happens when things at the firm are going really well? – – Not much

Do you reward your managing partner and other leaders when things are going really well? Probably not because you expect things to go well. After all, isn’t that why you pay the MP lots of money?

It’s not all about money. Try paying your firm management leaders lots of compliments.

We tend to blame leadership when things go awry but we forget to thank them, reward them or acknowledge them when the firm is successful, profitable, and recognized locally, regionally or nationally.

At some firms, when things are going well, the partner group thinks and says it’s all about “us”. When hiccups arise or the new idea is not implemented well, it’s “his/her” fault.


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