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Accounting firms can be crazy places, especially during the months of January through April 15.

As a partner, you find yourself in a constant state of distraction.

  1. This client is important; their work is a top priority.
  2. That client is more important, put them in front of other clients.
  3. You have 4 voicemail messages from this morning, they need attention.
  4. Young Ted has several questions about #2.
  5. Barbara, your admin assistant, called in sick today.
  6. You promised that banker that you would have lunch with her today.
  7. You just went to get coffee and someone put an empty pot back on the burner.
  8. A client just called to ask when their tax return would be ready – See #1.
  9. That new software we are using this year still has some bugs and staff are complaining to you.
  10. The marketing director strongly suggests that you make an appearance at the charitable fundraiser that is scheduled for tonight.
  11. Your spouse has another commitment this coming Saturday and you need to be in the office.
  12. A kind-of-big client just notified you that he is using another firm this year.
  13. You received 8 text messages in just the last two hours! Responses are needed.

As a partner and a leader, you need to focus. Stephen Covey, in his famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, told us that Habit 3 is – Put First Things First.

Maybe it time you pulled out the Time Management Matrix Covey provided to help with putting first things first. Find it here.

Maybe it’s time you re-read The Seven Habits.


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