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Partner Goal Setting – A Sample

After the July 15th due date, I am hoping you will have time to focus on some important internal management issues that have been ignored in recent months. One of those important tasks for the Managing Partner is to be sure that all partners are working on their goals for 2020. With all that has happened, the goals that were set previously may no longer apply.

Below, is an example of a Partner Goal Setting Form. I hope it gives you some ideas for your own partner goal-setting process. Also, be sure to read my Five Tips to Make Your Partner Goal Setting More Effective.

Partner Goal Setting — Year ________


Type Name Here:                                                                              Type Date:

1.Development of New Clients and Additional Services to Existing Clients

Commitment to a personal marketing plan – what is your “new revenue generated” target amount? Please attach a separate sheet that outlines your plans for new business.  How much of it will come from up-sells vs. new clients?  Be specific about how you will do it. What industry or service group will it come from?

The net new business you will generate (Type Amt.)  $

Up-sells/Cross-sells (Type Amt.)                                   $

New Clients (Type Amt.)                                               $

Championing of Industry or Service Group (type name of group/industry):

Other revenue growth goals – include timeframe (type list below):

 2. Hours

  Hours Suggestions
Billable Hours   1100 benchmark
Non-Billable Hours

(see below)

Total Hours   2400 benchmark


Budget for Non-Billable Hours Hours
Development of New Clients  
Sales Efforts to Current Clients  
Current Client Relationship Building  
Travel between offices  
Scheduling/Job Flow  
Staff Meetings  
Staff Supervision  
Professional Reading  
Partner Meetings  
Personnel, Recruiting, Hiring  
Firm Management Issues  
Civic/Charitable Affiliations  
Professional (State Society, Estate Planning Org.)  
Other: (list below)  

3. Client Responsibility List 

Percent (type in) Description Growth in Dollars
  % growth in book for coming year Target is $
  % overall write-off percentage on WIP  
  % overall write-off percentage on A/R  


4. Team Training/Coaching/Development

Specific goals regarding contribution to the success of others (include time frame): each partner must have a goal for this area.  How will you make our team better? (List at least three.)





5. Personal Growth and Development

Goal #1 (include time frame):


Goal #2 (include time frame):

6. Other Goals Not Covered Above (List them)

Adamson Note:  The managing partner distributes this format, asks each partner to document their goals, and then (a week or so later) meets with each partner to discuss the draft and make comments, suggestions, and changes, if necessary.  The MP then meets quarterly with each partner to discuss progress on the goals. At year-end, there should be no surprises.

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