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Feedback For Managing Partners

I have worked with a lot of CPA firm partners over the years. I always try to observe and enlighten those in leadership positions. I also try to enlighten managing partners (and others) using this monthly blog.

This month, I offer some tidbits for those of you managing the firm. For those of you enjoying the opportunity to build your career, these tidbits might inspire YOU to share your thoughts with management. Speak up and speak out – firm management wants and needs your thoughts and ideas.

Feedback for management:

  • Be more transparent
  • Performance reviews take too much time – simplify!
  • Life/Work balance needs continual attention
  • Allow younger people to work on more challenging work (not more hours)
  • Improve communication to younger people, they often feel out of the loop
  • Improve your mentoring program
  • Show your people what their career path honestly looks like
  • Show more appreciation
  • Smile more, be friendly and cheerful
  • Don’t look too busy and stressed
  • Always be honest with your people

Think about how you are managing your firm. I bet you can add some things to this list.

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