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Peace of Mind

Your clients are not buying tax, accounting and financial services from you, they are buying peace of mind.

They probably don’t realize it and maybe you don’t even recognize it. That is why you should be conveying to them, in subtle ways, that peace of mind is what you are providing.

Most clients fear the IRS. When they get an IRS notice in the mail, they almost panic. To you, it is nothing but a routine activity, something to address but to not worry about. You don’t have to worry because you are an experienced and well-educated tax professional.

Conveying peace of mind is marketing. How you explain things to clients should be part of your normal marketing activities. “This could get very complicated, however, we have specialists who work on these types of issues on a regular basis. They have significant experience with the IRS.”

Do you say that? Or, do you say, “Scan it in and send it to us, we’ll take care of it.”

Build on every opportunity you get to convey your expertise. Most CPAs are simply too humble. What you sell – your knowledge and expertise – is very, very valuable. Don’t discount your worth.

Business owners hire you because they don’t want to learn, or even know about, complicated tax and accounting issues. That’s why they hire a CPA. Make them aware of your experience, expertise, and knowledge and reinforce that what you are giving them is peace of mind.

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