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Build On Your Strengths

You have worked hard for many years. You became an owner (a partner) in your accounting firm. Along the way you have received lots of feedback pertaining to your weaknesses. Of course, you listen and attempt to devote some attention to improving in some areas.

I think that now, is an important time to forget about those weaknesses. Be aware of them, yes, but don’t waste important time and energy on continually trying to improve something you have focused on for years and really haven’t improved in any significant way. Instead, minimize your weaknesses but focus your attention on building your strengths.

This quote from John C. Maxwell speaks volumes to us:

“I’ve known people who thought that reaching their potential would come from shoring up their weaknesses. But do you know what happens when you spend all your time working on your weaknesses and never developing your strengths? If you work really hard, you might claw your way all the way to mediocrity! But you’ll never get beyond it.” – John C. Maxwell


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